Angiography Test Lab

Angiography is an X-ray exam of the arteries and veins to diagnose blockages and other blood vessel problems. Combined with the use of some type of contrast medium injected via a catheter, the angiogram identifies areas of blockage or damaged vessels within the circulatory system. An angiogram could be used to discover aneurysms (an area of a blood vessel that bulges or balloons out), cerebral vascular disease (such as stroke or bleeding in the brain), or blood vessel malformations.

In many cases, the interventional radiologist can treat a blocked blood vessel without surgery at the same time the angiogram is performed. In such cases, we can also perform an initial, non-invasive evaluation of any part of the circulatory system with a Multislice CT Angiography, depending on your doctor’s recommendation.

We’re proficient in different types of angiograms, including:
● Cerebral (brain) angiogram
● Extremity (arm or leg) angiogram
● Renal (kidney) angiogram
● Pulmonary (lungs) angiogram
● Lymph vessels angiogram
● Retinal (eyes) angiogram

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